3 Dentistry Technology Attracting Conferences Participants at IDEC 2019

Indonesia Dental Exhibition & Conference (IDEC) is coming back to Indonesia. The international dental exhibition and conference in Indonesia will be held for three days from 13-15 September 2019. This is the second time IDEC was held after it was first held in 2017.

With the theme “The Premier Dental Exhibition and Conference for the Indonesian Market”, IDEC 2019 involved 232 brand exhibitors from 18 countries, 18 expert speakers and more than 4000 local and international participants.

“IDEC 2019 will present a variety of valuable information and updates on the development of the dentistry industry to improve the standards of dentistry and dental care services in Indonesia,” said the Chairman of IDEC 2019, drg. Diono Susilo, MPH.

IDEC is not only a meeting place for dental experts with business and government, but also as a brainstorming forum to share the latest developments in dentistry technology. At least, there are 3 trends that lured the visitors of the conference and it were expected to be able to applied to fulfill the Indonesian needs.

The first technology that becomes spotlight is digital technology in dental care. Dr. How Kim Chuan from Malaysia discussed it in the main lecture entitled “Digital Solutions from Scan Body to Restoration in Full Mouth Rehabilitation” on September 13, 2019.

In the scientific seminar, dental health practitioners were introduced to how digital technology can help the public in restoring the mouth and teeth so they can look more aesthetic. A series of processes such as digital images of teeth, X-rays of the full mouth until 3D technology is a scientific requirement that must be mastered by dentists in the country.

Second, the application of technology in endodontic treatment or root canals. This technology is important to be considered. It is because the previous method like the mummification process that has now been abandoned.

Through a seminar entitled “Technological Advances to Improve Endodontic Excellence” held on September 13, 2019, Dr. Jeff Ward BDS, MDSc from Australia will share to participants about how to apply technology in root canal treatment.

With the endodontics principles such as removal of infected tissue or eliminating germs, preparation to sterilizing root canals, this technology helps dentists in Indonesia to provide dental health services to the community more optimally.

Finally, the technology trend that captivated the conference participants is the use of lasers in overcoming hypersensitive teeth. The extent of its usefulness will be further discussed by Indian dental health expert, Dr. Niladri Maiti in a scientific seminar entitled “Laser Assisted Bioglass Theraphy in Management of Dentin Hypersensitivity” on 15 September 2019.

Teeth hypersensitivity (dentin hypersensitivity) is a disorder of teeth that makes pain for patient. Because of technology, now people do not need to be worry anymore in overcoming the problem of hypersensitive teeth.

Compared with conventional methods that take longer, laser treatment will have an impact on faster results with less application time on patients. This is the latest and the best method for resolving long-term pain immediately.

Those are the 3 most recent dental health trends discussed at IDEC 2019. In addition, IDEC also presents various other developments in dentistry technology, ranging from dental photography, orthodontics, oral surgery, periods and even innovations in self-ligation. There are also dentist robotics who are ready to become inspiration in the application of dentistry technology in Indonesia.

“By presenting technology trends at IDEC, we hope that this exhibition can stimulate local dental health businesses to participate in developing technology-based equipment while encouraging dental health practitioners to develop their competencies and skills according to the society needs,” the chairman of the Indonesian Dentists Association (PDGI) Dr. drg. Sri Hananto Seno.

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Persatuan Dokter Gigi Indonesia (PDGI) or Indonesian Dental Association, was found in 1950. It is official organization for the professional dentists. Nowadays, PDGI has 19 regional and 288 branch managers.

The vision of PDGI is becoming a trusted and professional dentistry organization in Indonesia. And the mission is building cooperation with related parties to protect oral health, strengthening organizational governance by empowering existing structures; developing dentistry by increasing education and providing opportunities for continuing education; and encouraging professionalism in the industry by increasing the welfare of its members and providing legal protection to its members.


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