Message From PDGI:

A Meeting Point
For Every Dental Professional in Indonesia

The Indonesian Dental Association (PDGI – Persatuan Dokter Gigi Indonesia) is the only professional organization that gathers dentists from all across Indonesia. The organization was established in Bandung (West Java) on January 22, 1950 and its headquarters in Jakarta, the capital of the Republic of Indonesia.

The number of PDGI members amount to no fewer than 27,000 dentists scattered across the nation’s many provinces. They are under the auspices of 19 regional boards at the provincial level and 248 branch managements at the district/city level.

The development of dental equipment and medicine internationally has accelerated rapidly lately. Manufacturers of dental equipment are competing to create products and services that will facilitate dentists in providing the best services and care to patients. Keeping up with these changes can prove to be challenging to dental practitioners all across Indonesia.

To date, Indonesia has never had a special platform for manufacturers of dental equipment and materials to showcase their best products and services. The Indonesia Dental Exhibition and Conference (IDEC) aims to fill this gap and become the premier platform for Indonesian dental professional to discover the latest in dental equipment and dental materials and absorb new information and trens to better their dental practice.

IDEC is planned to be a forum for intra-professional collaboration between all Indonesian dental health practitioners from dentist to dental nurses and dental technicians. It will create a meeting point for every dental professional in Indonesia to come together and master their craft with the aim of providing improved services to the larger  Indonesian community.


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