IDEC 2019 Encourages Indonesia to be Main Player of World Dentistry Equipment Producer

The largest international dental trade exhibition and conference in Indonesia, Indonesia Dental Exhibition & Conference (IDEC), was officially opened by the Secretary General of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, drg. Oskar Primadi, today, Friday, September 13, 2019 at Jakarta Convention Center.

The event is organized by Indonesian Dental Association (PDGI) in collaboration with Koelnmesse, Pte. Ltd and PT. Traya Eksibisi Internasional from 13 to 15 September 2019.

Located in area of ​​5000 m2 in Assembly Hall, IDEC encourages increasing of dentistry quality in Indonesia which is 40% consisted of 232 exhibitor brands from 18 countries and 3 national pavilions from China, South Korea and Germany and some local companies. Besides, IDEC also shows growth of local industry that ready to provide the latest information on the development of dental technology in the world.

The chairman of PDGI, Dr. drg. Sri Hananto Seno, Sp. BM., MM., FICD said that IDEC is not only a trade fair about dental health equipment, but also moment of ‘transfer of knowledge’ for professional dentist in Indonesia to enrich the knowledge and skills about the development of dentistry technology.

Therefore, IDEC presents a series of scientific workshops and demonstrations about dentistry technology. 18 expert speakers will share their knowledge in many dentistry topics, such as rehabilitation and oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, periodontology, as well as a number of innovations in self-ligation, dental photography and even pediatric dentistry.

“We hope that IDEC becomes an important agenda of the dentistry industry and professional dentist to share information and network each other in order to encourage the dentistry industry and the quality of the Indonesian dentist profession,” said Dr. drg Sri Hananto Seno.

Continuing the previous IDEC theme “The Premier Dental Exhibition and Conference for the Indonesian Market”, IDEC is expected to be a center of excellence for the dental industry, started from doctors, medical personnel, dental suppliers, medical device manufacturers, and even the general public.

Basic Health Research 2018 that released by Indonesian Ministry of Health stated that only 10.2 percent of Indonesian population that received services from medical personnel. While the remaining 57.6 percent still got dental and oral health problems. The prevalence of Indonesian people who do not have dental problems is only 7%. Though, WHO mandated at least 50%.

To improve public health, dentists have to know about how to use dentistry technology well. In this case, the chairman of Indonesian Dentist Association (PDGI), DR.Dr. drg. Sri Hananto Seno, Sp. BM., MM., FICD, highlighted that only 10 percent of health equipment industry and dentistry raw material industry that be able to fulfill dentist needs in Indonesia. While the remaining 90 percent is depended on imported raw material and dentistry equipment. How limited the equipment is still being homework.

This is big challenge for health industry player in Indonesia to be able to produce materials and dental equipment in accordance with the latest technology. In fact, Indonesia has big market for dentistry.

“The exhibitors from some countries that attend to IDEC want to look closer about market needs. Besides, they also want to establish strategic cooperation together in developing technology in better solution.” The chairman of IDEC 2019, drg. Diono Susilo, MPH explained.  

Oskar Primadi, the secretary general of the Indonesian Ministry of the Health delivered in the speech that dentistry has important role to improve national health. It is because there are many dangerous diseases caused by teeth and mouth problems.

IDEC is expected to be a great moment for various parties to work together to provide maximum dental and oral health service so that Indonesia can be free of dental caries by 2030.  It is in accordance with the roadmap of National Oral Health Action Plan 2015-2030.

Therefore, the government did many programs, such as holding capacity building programs to improve dentist skill in Eastern Indonesia, regulating the deployment of dentist in remote area and even giving dentist scholarship. However, Oskar Primadi admitted that Indonesia still has limited dental equipment.

President Director of Traya Eksibisi Internasional, Bambang Setiawan hopes that IDEC 2019 can give bigger impact than IDEC 2017. It is not only about improving health quality of Indonesian people, but also as action to make Indonesia being the main player of dentistry.

Bambang stated that IDEC 2019 is successfully encouraging dentistry quality in Indonesia because there is increasing of local participants (15%) than IDEC 2017. It is also stated by Managing Director Koelnmesse Pte. Ltd. Mathias Kuepper that IDEC encourages the growth of international participants to develop dentistry industry in the world. He said, “We look that there is increasing of international representative, 40% since IDEC 2017.”

About the organizer

Persatuan Dokter Gigi Indonesia (PDGI) or Indonesian Dentist Association, was found in 1950, is official organization for the professional dentists. Nowadays, PDGI has 19 regional and 288 branch managers.

To achieve the vision, which is to become trusted and professional dentistry organization, PDGI has mission about establishing cooperative together with certain parties to improve oral health, strengthen organizational system by empowering the existing structure; developing dentistry by improving and giving education opportunities; encouraging professionalism in the industry by increasing the welfare of members and providing legal protection to members.


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