IDEC 2019 Encourages the Indonesian Dentistry Industry to Face the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Entering the third day of IDEC, the enthusiasm of hundreds of dentists to participate in a series of scientific workshops on dentistry technology was even greater. With a total of 232 exhibitors occupying an area of 5000 m2 in the Assembly Hall, IDEC giving enthusiasm optimism for the advancement of the Indonesian dentistry industry. drg. Diono Susilo, MPH as IDEC Chair of 2019, stated the presence of IDEC was a comprehensive effort to encourage the readiness of the Indonesian dentistry industry in facing the 4.0 Industrial Revolution.

This was marked by an increasing number of exhibitors by 40% consisted of 232 exhibitor brands from 18 countries and 3 national pavilions from China, South Korea, and Germany. Meanwhile, the participation of local industries in IDEC 2019 increased up to 15% from IDEC 2017. The presence of IDEC would certainly be a “showcase” for local businesses to capture the opportunity needs of the dentistry industry market.

In his opening remarks at IDEC (13/9), General Secretary of the Republic of Indonesian, Ministry of Health, Oscar Primadi stated that industries in Indonesia must have made changes if they did not want to be left behind. Industry era 4.0, according to Oscar Primadi, emphasizes efficiency at every stage which is not only based on profit value, but also the added value of products with quality improvement.

Oscar further said that health development is one of the main investments in Indonesian human resources that have been programmed by President Jokowi “Excellent Human Resources for Advanced Indonesia”, more targeted efforts are needed. There are 3 underlying pillars, 1) Healthy Paradigm, 2) Development and 3) Health Insurance. “To encourage this pillar, our health workers must be able to deal with technology in the 4.0 era,” said Oscar.

From global competitiveness point of view, based on data were obtained from the 2016-2017 of Global Competitiveness Report, Indonesia is ranked 41st out of a total of 138 countries in the world. That’s why the Indonesian government continues to improve Indonesia’s competitiveness to 39th rank by encouraging industry players to become more innovative in the industrial era 4.0.

According to Oscar, the dentistry industry has high market potential. Referring to the implementation of IDEM in Singapore, which received a great reception from the world dentistry industry, then continued to IDEC in Indonesia with strong enthusiasm response and indications the dentistry industry has the potential to be developed domestically. Moreover, according to PB PDGI Chairman Dr. drg. Sri Hananto Seno, Sp. BM., MM., FICD, our domestic industry just only covering less than 10 percent for Indonesian dentistry needs. The remaining 90 percent of the needs of Indonesian dentists are still importing.

“The needs for excellent dental and oral health services must be supported by the latest dental technology and quality improvement of dentists. This is the main focus of PB PDGI to encourage the implementation of the 4.0 industrial revolution in the field of dentistry, especially through IDEC 2019, “said Dr. drg Hananto to journalists.

Following the roadmap for the 2015-2030 National Dental and Oral Health Action Plan, IDEC is expected to be a momentum for collaboration various parties to provide maximum dental and oral health services to achieve Indonesia free from dental caries by 2030.

Referring to the four main drivers for investment needs in Industry 4.0 include: (1) Increased data volume, computing power and connectivity; (2) Analytical and business intelligence capabilities; (3) New forms of human-machine interaction, such as touch interfaces and augmented-reality systems; and (4) Development of transfer of digital instructions into physical forms, such as robotics and 3D printing.

At IDEC 2019, a series of developing technologies are presented, including materials for manufacturing prosthetic teeth, a type of dental chair with automatic features to make patients more comfortable, dental implant technology that is minimally invasive (painless) and dental photography technology for oral restoration.

President Director of International Exhibition, Bambang Setiawan hopes that IDEC 2019 can give a greater impact than the previous implementation of IDEC, not only in improving the quality of public health but also in collaboration to encourages Indonesia as a major player in the dentistry industry.

About the organizer
Persatuan Dokter Gigi Indonesia (PDGI) or Indonesian Dentist Association, was found in 1950, is official organization for the professional dentists. Nowadays, PDGI has 19 regional and 288 branch managers.

To achieve the vision, which is to become trusted and professional dentistry organization, PDGI has mission about establishing cooperative together with certain parties to improve oral health, strengthen organizational system by empowering the existing structure; developing dentistry by improving and giving education opportunities; encouraging professionalism in the industry by increasing the welfare of members and providing legal protection to members.


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