Providing The Latest Dental Technology Trends, IDEC 2019 Improving the Quality of Indonesian Dentists

Dentistry in Indonesia has potential for rapid growth. According to Indonesian Medical Council data in April 26, 2019, there are 36 thousand dentists consisted of 32,172 general dentists and 3,942 specialist dentists.

Unfortunately, Indonesia still has oral problems. National Basic Health Research 2018 that released by Ministry of Health stated that 57.6% of Indonesian people have dental health problems and only 10.2% of them received medical services. Moreover, not all of areas in Indonesia have enough dentists. The deployment of dentists is still inequality.

However, number of Indonesian dentists is still not as many as smaller countries. For example, Japan has 100,994 dentists (2014), Italy has 47,098 dentists (2016), and even France has 43,026 dentists (2016).

The quantity should be paid attention, but the quality is more. In fact, PDGI said that the average of Indonesian dental problems about 7 teeth. It is not suitable to the international standard of FDI (The Worldwide Dental Organization) which targets only 2-3 teeth.

In order to improve the quality of Indonesian dentists, the Indonesian Dental Association (PDGI) collaborated with the Traya Eksibisi Internasional and Koelnmesse, Pte. Ltd. have organized the Indonesia Dental Exhibition and Conference (IDEC) 2019.

The event will be held for 3 days (13-15 September 2019). It exhibits various equipment and presents information related to the dentistry industry, ranging from digital dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental materials and units, instruments, headpieces and tools for laboratories, equipment and laboratory systems, laboratory furniture, even to various services from dental organizations and companies.

“To provide an overview of the latest technology so that Indonesia will not leave behind. Nowadays, there are digital robots,” the Chairman of Indonesian Dentists Association (PDGI), Dr. drg. Hananto Suseno said.

IDEC 2019 is attended by 232 exhibitor brands from 18 countries. Some countries such as China, Germany, and South Korea even have their own national pavilions.

By presenting 18 professional speakers, IDEC will be a forum for 4,000 local and foreign dentists to enrich their skills about the latest dental technology trends. Participants can find out that information by joining some interesting activities such as exhibitions, main lecture programs, and hands-on programs.

Salah satunya adalah teknologi digital dalam perawatan gigi yang dibahas oleh Dr. How Kim Chuan dalam main lecture yang berjudul “Digital Solutions from Scan Body to Restoration in Full Mouth Rehabilitation” pada 13 September 2019. Di seminar ilmiah ini diperkenalkan tentang proses gambar digital gigi, sinar X pada mulut secara penuh hingga teknologi 3D, dengan begitu masalah gigi masyarakat akan lebih terbantu.

One of them is digital technology in dental care discussed by Dr. How Kim Chuan in the main lecture entitled “Digital Solutions from Scan Body to Restoration in Full Mouth Rehabilitation” on September 13, 2019. It is about the process of digital image of teeth, full X-rays of the mouth to 3D technology. Thus, the dental problems will be more solved.

Not only about digital technology in dental and mouth restoration, IDEC 2019 also highlights the development of lasers as the latest trend in the development of world dentistry. The theme will be discussed by the dental health expert from India namely Dr. Niladri Maiti in a seminar entitled “Laser Assisted Bioglass Theraphy in Management of Dentin Hypersensitivity” on 15 September 2019.

Dentin hypersensitivity is a dental problem that makes pain for the patients. In this case, people do not need to be worry anymore in overcoming the problem of hypersensitive teeth because there is the laser technology. If it is compared with conventional methods that take time so much, laser treatment will have an impact on faster results with less application time on patients. This is the latest and the best method for resolving long-term pain immediately.

In addition, IDEC also presents various developments in other dental technologies such as endodontics, dental photography, orthodontics to innovation in self-legation. There are also dentist robotics who are ready to become inspiration in application of dentistry technology in Indonesia.

In the digital era, dentists must always update their knowledge and skills. By presenting the variety of dentistry technology presentations at IDEC, it is expected to be able to encourage the quality of dentists to give optimal services,” President Director of Traya Eksibisi Internasional Bambang Setiawan said.

About the Organizer

Persatuan Dokter Gigi Indonesia (PDGI) or Indonesian Dental Association, was found in 1950. It is official organization for the professional dentists. Nowadays, PDGI has 19 regional and 288 branch managers.

The vision of PDGI is becoming a trusted and professional dentistry organization in Indonesia. And the mission is building cooperation with related parties to protect oral health, strengthening organizational governance by empowering existing structures; developing dentistry by increasing education and providing opportunities for continuing education; and encouraging professionalism in the industry by increasing the welfare of its members and providing legal protection to its members.


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